Should we change the health system for the benefit of the people?

All people deserve access to health resources that will help them make positive changes in their lives.

Our Vision

Health is a resource for everyday life. Health enables us to live a full life, to move, to work, to interact with others and to live a life of well-being. 

To achieve optimal health, people deserve to have access to and understand information related to their health. 

This will enable them to develop the skills to make decisions that will bring about favourable changes to their health and improve their lives. The health system still faces challenges that sometimes put the patient as a passenger and not as the one in control of their health.

Our principles

People's health is the priority.

Treat with respect and empathy.

To seek simplicity in order to give people a better understanding of their health. 

To find solutions and alternatives that contribute to the achievement of better health for all.

Motivate and empower people to make positive changes for their health.

Full transparency.

Our Founder

The work of promoting access to health services for all by Francesco Iacona, president of the Health Foundation, began in his early years of service as a physician in 1987, promoting access to health services and resources, as well as developing health education programs.

Our Work

Health for All

We have worked on a free-to-access platform where people can better understand their health status, allowing them to connect all their health-related information in one place.

Health Aid for Venezuelans

A large number of Venezuelans are living through a crisis, which is compounded by the difficulty of receiving health services. Through this program, we provide free medical assistance to Venezuelans in need.


Every day we work and strive to increase the reach of Health Foundation's health assistance programs so that more people have access to health resources. 

Changing Lives

Your contribution gives people who need support the most the opportunity to maintain or improve their health. Find out how you can change the health destiny of more people.