"...his will to live, to express himself, has returned...".

The medicines have arrived!

Testimonial by a relative of Milagros Marcano.

Urelative told me that he had heard of a foundation that provides help to all Venezuelans and we decided to give it a try even though we were not sure if they would help us.

Without being able to afford to pay for my daughter's treatment, after more than 3 years without taking her medication, Milagros was locked up inside herself, not wanting to talk, not wanting to go out of her room.fter more than 3 years without taking the medication, Milagros was locked up inside herself, not wanting to talk, not wanting to leave her room.

Previously, the hospital provided these medicines at a high cost but due to shortage of cash for mobility, my old age, and the paralysis of all functions as a result of the pandemic I could not manage to get the medicines, so I wanted to give the Heath Foundation the benefit of the doubt, I was willing to try anything to improve my daughter's health.

The process to receive the support was very easy, we signed up on their website, they called us 2 days later and after studying our case they guaranteed us the support and they delivered.

Hubio Health has helped my daughter Milagros a lot, she has regained her will to live, to express herself and now she can even go out of her room again. This fills me with happiness as well as my family who have seen her evolution. It was a pity but we were resigned to never seeing Milagros again.

I invite all people regardless of country of origin or age to donate whatever they feel they can. Any contribution that comes from your heart, no matter how small, can change a person's world, in this case, it was our life that changed for the better. The disease has robbed us of many moments that the medicines gave us back. And it was only because God touched the heart of each one of them that we have benefited.

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