" husband was a patient of COVID-19, when he was discharged, he was left with many after-effects...".

Regained health

Testimony by family member of Oswaldo Urbina.

"I discovered the Health Foundation's program Health Aid for Venezuelans through the recommendation of a friend, who sent me the website address.

I made the decision to apply for help because my husband was a chronic COVID patient. He spent more than 30 days in intensive care, but when he was discharged, he was left with many sequelae. Because of this, he was sent a large amount of expensive medication, and to continue his recovery at home he needed oxygen, clinical examinations, respiratory therapies and physiotherapy. As if that wasn't enough, he also required heart treatment and anxiolytics. As you can see, due to the situation it was very difficult for us to afford them.

Fortunately, it was really easy to access the Health Foundation's program Health for Venezuelans support and the response time was very fast. They have helped me by donating medicines.

I would tell people who have the possibility to donate to do so, because it is worth it. Through this foundation they are supporting many people in need. With this work, the Health Foundation is improving their quality of life and even saving lives. It is a very beautiful and admirable work".

Changing Lives

Your contribution gives people who need support the most the opportunity to maintain or improve their health. Find out how you can change the health destiny of more people.

Questions about donations

Is my donation tax deductible?

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