Health Aid for Venezuelans

Health Aid for Venezuelans

Thousands of people helping to continue the delivery of medical consultations and medicines to Venezuelans who need them most, inside and outside their country. JOIN US AND SAVE LIVES.

Improving your health

Can you imagine...

Can you imagine not being able to buy the medicine that you or someone in your family depends on?

Can you imagine being diabetic, hypertensive or having high cholesterol and not being able to see a doctor?

Can you imagine having to decide between buying food and buying medicine?

Unfortunately, for thousands of Venezuelans, the answer is: "IT IS NOT IMAGINATION, IT IS MY REALITY".

Venezuelan Health Aid Program

Through the Health Aid Program for Venezuelans, we are able to provide teleconsultations, medicines, and laboratory studies for those who need them most. This aid is provided to Venezuelans inside and outside the country.

A reality we can change.

Changing Lives

Your contribution gives people who need support the most the opportunity to maintain or improve their health. Find out how you can change the health destiny of more people.